How to repurpose your content – contributed by SB Creations

How to repurpose your content

Would you like to squeeze as much value as possible out of your content? If you’ve paid someone (like me!) to write a blog for you or to create social media posts, then there are ways to maximize your ROI.

What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing (also known as “content recycling”) simply refers to the practice of reusing content in a different format – or simply reusing for different use.

You might turn a blog into an infographic, or re-design a social media post with a fresh look to re-share. You could write a case study or news story, then turn it into a blog or vice-versa.

You might also re-share a blog several times, pop it in your newsletter, or chop it up for social media posts.

For example, I have one client who has been able to re-use a blog about Christmas in July catering several times, two years in a row in fact, as I wrote it in such a way that it was still relevant (maybe just a quick COVID updates at times!).


Content like this is often referred to as “evergreen content” as it can be reused over and over again.

How to repurpose your content

The easiest way to start repurposing is with your blogs. Here are 8 tips to squeeze every last drop of value out of your blogs…

1. Share in your newsletter, on your social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram etc) and share on your own personal page too.

2. Share within other networks. If you are a member or follower of any networking groups or local community groups, share within these too. Approach them to see if they can publish within their newsletter or on their social media pages.

3. Select one or two ‘tips’ from each blog and create some social media images. This is a golden tip! Taking a snippet of an 800-word blog and creating a short, sharp graphic for your social media page is a wonderful way to share some useful content with your audience.

4. Get interviewed! Let’s say you run a landscape design business, and you have written a blog about using native plants in garden design. Now see if you can find an architecture magazine or environment magazine, and approach them to see if they would like to do an interview with you. They can link back to your blog in their content. Getting backlinks from other sites is very, very useful and will help your website rank higher.

5. Use SEO keywords in your blog. A few carefully placed keywords in your blog can help it be found by people searching those terms. If your business is a physiotherapy practice, and you have written a blog about post-natal topics, ensure you include terms such as “female-friendly” or “pelvic floor physio Perth”

6. Re-share a year later – just do a quick edit if it needs to be updated, and then share in a ‘Throwback Thursday’ series. You could include a few things you’ve learned or that have changed within your industry since it was first published.

7. Write a spin-off – most blogs get close to going off on tangents anyway! So, you can often take one of the themes from a blog and explore it further in a separate blog.

8. If your blog contains a lot of data, you could turn the main points into an info-graphic to share on social media.

Why repurpose content?

As well as increasing ROI, repurposing content allows you to keep reaching new audiences, it boosts your organic visibility, and strengthens your message.

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