Powered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry WA, Apprenticeship Support Australia (ASA) is committed to nurturing the next generation of skilled workforce in Western Australia. Leveraging 26 years of industry experience, ASA connects job seekers with apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities and supports employers to find, sign up and retain apprentices and trainees. 

With consultants across WA, ASA offers career advisory services to job seekers; assists businesses with end-to-end recruitment support; provides guidance to access financial incentives and offers bespoke mentoring services, at no cost. 

Mentoring Services:
At the core of ASA’s services is the personalised mentoring services to help businesses achieve engaging and positive relationships with their employees while supporting apprentices and trainees to make the most of their training. Their dedicated team of mentors and industry training consultants are highly trained to support employers, apprentices and trainees in navigating workplace and training issues.

Women Trading Up initiative:

ASA’s dedication to diversity and inclusivity is exemplified through its Women Trading Up initiative, designed to support women pursuing careers in non-traditional trades.

Aimed at encouraging women to take up apprenticeships and traineeships, ASA partners with businesses to provide tailored, ongoing support and resources to help women make their mark in trade careers.

Intake Guide
Every six months, ASA teams up with its industry partners and training organisations to publish a digital Intake Guide showcasing some of the exciting apprenticeship and traineeship opportunities in WA for job seekers.

For more information and to explore the full range of services offered by Apprenticeship Support Australia, please visit their website or subscribe to their newsletter.



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