Wanneroo Business Networking Breakfast


130 people attended Wanneroo Business Association‘s Quarterly Business Breakfast in partnership with the City of Wanneroo at The Marina, Mindarie, to hear from Mayor Tracey Roberts JP – City of Wanneroo and Patria Jafferies, Co-Founder Dome Coffee Australia Pty Ltd. Guests enjoyed networking and a delivcious hot breakfast before hearing from our two keynote speakers.


Mayor Tracey Roberts JP – City of Wanneroo

A passionate and active full-time Mayor who is intensely involved in the strategic leadership of the City of Wanneroo, including resource allocation and financial management of the City of Wanneroo’s $200 million budget and $2.6 billion of assets.  Mayor Roberts shared the following information relating to the 13,267 businesses in the City of Wanneroo including:

  • $59.4 million in new capital works included in the City’s 2021/21 budget
  • The City of Wanneroo has a population of 212,768, set to grow by 4-5000 each year
  • There are currently 54,108 local jobs
  • The City of Wanneroo endorsed their first Advocacy Strategy in 2014 focusing on road, rail, region and reserves to influence the Federal and State elections, manaing to secure >$1bn in funding
  • Council recently unanimously endorsed a new Wanneroo Advocacy Plan for 2021-2025 focusing on a number of key infrastructure projects with $44.95m in funding committeed already

Patria Jafferies – Co-Founder Dome Coffee Australia

Instrumental in the development of the Matilda Bay Breweries brand before co-founding Dome Coffee Australia Pty Ltd in 1990 and transforming it into the most significant consumer brand to emerge from Australia in over two decades, Patria is also widely recognised as one of the country’s most visionary marketers.  Patria, together with her business partner Phil May, grew Dôme Coffees from a small specialist wholesale coffee roaster to a multi-million-dollar international importer, exporter, franchiser, retailer and restaurant enterprise, in less than a decade.

Patria shared her story, resonating with many Wanneroo business owners in the room, leaving them with questions to ask themselves when looking back over their life:

•What am I proud of?

•What’s my greatest accomplishment?

•How did I keep going when things got tough?

>•What can I let go of that I’ve been holding on to? Hurts? Betrayals? Things I’ve done to others? Things done to me?

•What old story about myself will I release?

•When did I show bravery?

•What regrets do I have?

•What is better or more possible in the world only because I was here?


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