Wanneroo Business Association Member Case Study – Bell Computing

Meet Pat Bell, Proprietor of Bell Computing trading as Pat Bell Websites.  As a new member of the Wanneroo Business Association (WBA), read on on to get to know him, as he shares more about his business and experience with the WBA so far.


Tell us more about Pat Bell Websites

I first got into computers as an oil exploration geologist working in Tunisia on limestones where I had to program some analysis tools.  Via a Masters in IT, I carried on programming and got into web technology.  I have supported individuals and small businesses since 1986. Programming office management and accounting systems for the first decade, I moved into creating websites using various technologies in 2001 and specifically WordPress in 2013.

My point of difference is that I provide a one-stop shop with a personal touch, it is always me you are dealing with.  If specialist services are needed I sub-contract this out to trusted associates, but always with my final quality control.  Sites are hosted on high performance cloud servers located where most effective for your own clients.  Once I create the site that you want, its not over – you, your website and I maintain a relationship.  I care for the security and performance of every site including full weekly checks and backups to an individual google drive.  I also schedule yearly reviews for in-depth overviews of site performance and functionality.

If I get run over by a bus (as I have occasionally been asked), I have a network of equally experienced developers who can take over my clients without interruption.

Summarise the Wanneroo Business Association in 3 words:

Network, network, network.  Ok here’s another two, friendly and varied.  So far as a new member, the seminars have been useful and the future looks bright.

What is your favourite thing about the WBA?

Networking – and the wide range of people, professions, ages, gender.  I know that whatever event I go to, there will be new people to network with and often many with whom I have already connected.  The WBA Coffee Catch Ups are my favourite event as I have time for breakfast and to walk the dog!

Share your first experience with the WBA

It was a Business Pitching Sunriser, we had to pitch someone elses business that we met on the day.  I can remember pitching for Centsibility Business Services and this was my first public WBA “display”.

Who would be your ideal client?

I hope to build a personal relationship with my clients, I don’t just do the job and move on.  My ideal client wants to know who they are dealing with rather than whoever might be available, which is what they might experience when working with more team-based agencies.  These companies might have more specific expertise but with the extra overhead that entails, I can be more affordable by making use of trusted associates to supplement the rare times I cannot fill the gaps.  Hopefully I will find some ideal clients within the WBA!

What is your biggest business challenge?

Obtaining content from busy clients.  After initial discovery sessions I produce a prototype and it is only then that many only really start to think about the actual content.  Using stock photos and my guess at text usually gets the feedback I need.

What is your biggest business win?

Shortly after publishing a bilingual site for a specialist in decorative venetian plastering, I was contacted by another similar business who loved the site and wanted one just like it. I persuaded them not to have just a copy but rather a bespoke site specifically tailored to them.

Share the name of the WBA members you have built a business connection with so far

It’s still early days but so far I have met Rachel Boros from SB Creations, Dean Carey from HiGlass, Roy Oldfield from Freshwater Filtration Systems and Marizanne Roos of Primesites.

An interesting fact about yourself:

I am a long-time landscape photographer!

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