The Hamster wheel of Life – Stuck state of Life – Contributed by Growth Evolution Coaching


So many people use the term “I’m just Stuck at the moment’ in my life, work or relationship and so can’t move forward.


Its and easy thing to say and is also a little excuse for NOT wanting to be unstuck. Especially in these times when we have had to change so much, life is not as we know it and the world is a little temperamental. So, we are reluctant, scared or even frustrated to change or adapt even more. We feel we have exhausted our creativity and just need to be stable for a moment. However, that moment turns into months, even years so quickly and the stuck turns into frustration even depression and we just don’t know where to turn.

When we think we want to change we have a big picture, the ideal, the end of the road vision, of what we want or desire. This hurdle or leap is such a big transition from where we are to where we think we want to be that it becomes hugely scary. So what happens, we “stay stuck”, because the initial steps we plan for this transition are so great we have no hope in hell to achieve them. Therefore, it always stays a dream and your stuckness frustrates you even more.


This is the hamster wheel of life. Instead of looking for that first step off the wheel we end up speeding the wheel up, doing more of what we have always done to try and break the cycle. Guess what, we become even more exhausted as we are now just going faster in a non-directional way.


Also, we tend to ask all and sundry around us for advice and help. They know you, have a relationship with you and feel invested in you or what you do is actually invested in them, your habits, commitments or your support.

If we carry on, on this hamster wheel cycle, let alone will our work suffer but it has a knock-on effect on our relationships, our own mindset, our motivation, our whole life-decision making. Do we make the best decisions when we are coming from a depressed state?


The braver step is first to slow down, how do you actually jump off a speeding train if it keeps going faster and faster? If we do that something else is bound to break!


What is needed is an independent view, someone external to actually listen to you and your needs, your vision and dreams. To strategize a step by step fully supported plan, that will actually lead down that new controlled path, holding your hand, whilst stepping precariously off that hamster wheel of life.


Setting smaller more achievable goals, that have been extracted from you, not told to you, are more and likely the right ones for you and the path you will actually commit to. We all know what is best for us but somehow others’ opinions, fear, even our own unconscious minds hold us back. It puts-up a continual barrier to stay in a safe place. However, it’s not a safe place, it’s a stuck place, and is causing you more pain than actually taking a leap of faith.

Once you start having a glimpse of small continual success achievements, building the ladder rungs to your ultimate goal, and celebrating the steps continually, you will want more. The vision then becomes a little clearer as you are further up the rung to achieving it. Also having a coach who is keeping you accountable to yourself for your goal and turning up to your next session expecting your homework, is another driver.

The only goal for the coach is your success. How amazing is that, having someone just for you, someone unconditionally looking out for you, to be the best version of you and someone supporting that whole journey and vision. Taking your words, your emotions, your whole personal life into consideration and tailoring a plan that YOU created for you and pushing you to get it. It’s no different to a personal fitness coach but this has an affect on every element of your life.


When you’re operating from a positive mindset, you are on a path that is right for you, you are having continued success on that path and the Lego pieces of your vision are falling into place. You end up making better decisions in all areas of your life and they start picking up too. When you are following your dreams and the vision is still clear you are operating from an incredibly powerful mindset and that can only grow and inspire others.

So ‘Stuck’ is just a present state of perceived safety and is not serving you. What will serve you is the professional independent helping hand supporting your transition of the Hamster wheel and GPS guiding you down the yellow brick road to your truer self.




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