Business Networking – When The Local Business Network met WBA member CK Maloney – contributed by TLBN

Have you ever stopped and wondered why we have order and structure to the way our streets, properties & businesses are layout? Why there is largely no dispute over where a property starts or ends, how they get a building in the right spot or how we got the maps we use to navigation?

I took it for grant until I spend time with Craig & Kelly Maloney from CK Maloney surveys. I left the conversation amazed, educated and wiser on this vital profession. I wish I had more space to tell you everything I got from the chat, I don’t so ill say, “click on the link to understand better.”

Craig’s surveyor’s registration number is 1086. Records in WA started in 1909. So, in 111 years, every year we product 10 surveyors in WA. That makes licensed professional surveys as rare as rocking horse ^&%# and a scarce and vital resource.

Craig & Kelly are not only passionate about the profession, they also support great causes offering their professional services for free & reduced rates. They help schools and sporting associations like Springhill School school and Street Car Racing

This is an outstanding profession and company worthy of featuring.

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