AGL | Perth Energy powers Hillarys Harbour Resort

AGL | PERTH ENERGY – Your Local business energy partner in Western Australia.

Perth Energy

AGL | Perth Energy is a progressive Western Australian based energy company, owned by AGL Energy Limited who is the largest ASX-listed investor in renewable energy generation in the country.  AGL’s portfolio spans energy, telecommunications, sustainability and connected-home products and services. Since 1999 AGL | Perth Energy has been a voice for businesses in Western Australia at the forefront of industry reform, advocating for choice and better value to organisations across the State.  Powering a new energy future for businesses across Western Australia.

Whether you are a start up, a small-to-medium sized business or a large industrial or commercial operation across multiple sites, AGL | Perth Energy’s energy services are designed to deliver value and improve sustainability outcomes.  They are here to help your business grow.

AGL | Perth Energy has the pleasure of working with many local WA businesses.  One of which, Hillarys Harbour Resort has kindly offered to provide some detail of their experience as a AGL | Perth Energy customer.


Overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean on the Sunset Coast, Hillarys Harbour Resort is Perth’s premier marina resort, just 20 minutes north of the city.

Find out more about the relationship between AGL | Perth Energy and Hillarys Harbour Resort in this interview with Hillarys Harbour Resort Director, Rolf Chorley.

  1. Tell us more about Hillary’s Harbour Resort

Sure. We’re a self-contained apartment hotel, with a residential component.

The Resort offers a great alternative to traditional hotel accommodation with fully self contained and serviced apartments.  Hillarys Harbour Resort offers all the comforts of a home away from home whether you’re here for business, leisure, or relocating, you’re sure to be comfortable. 

  1. How did you hear about AGL | Perth Energy?

Robbie, our Manager was first introduced to Amy Milburn, from AGL | Perth Energy at a Wanneroo Business Association event, and she passed on the contact to me.

  1. What services do you currently have with AGL | Perth Energy?

We have the AGL | Perth Energy gas meters installed on the premises.

  1. How would you describe the customer service you receive from AGL | Perth Energy?

Hillary’s Harbour Resort will be staying with AGL |  Perth Energy because of Amy Milburn, she has been wonderful to deal with!

  1. Would you recommend AGL | Perth Energy to other businesses?

Yes definitely!

  1. When you are researching companies for products and services, why types of things do you take into consideration, what’s important to you from a provider?

Price is!  Consideration is very priced based.  Especially at the moment with this sort of business, we are constantly looking at all our costs, reducing cost because of COVID-19.

After price, I would then say it’s implementation.  It’s an easy service to maintain, but if you find it difficult to get in touch with people then it’s harder, but we don’t have that concern with AGL | Perth Energy.  They have been perfect to deal with, the service has always been running, the bills come in, we pay!  We are happy with the service and the price!

  1. What is the best thing about being with AGL | Perth Energy?

The fact that they are another local business and we are able to support them.

  1. Is there anything else you wish to share?

No, I just want to thank you very much, thank you for your services.




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