What to Expect From WBA’s Online Networking Events

With the COVID19 outbreak in WA, the Wanneroo Business Association (WBA) has stepped up to offer additional networking events, taking place online, via Zoom.  These will run alongside our usual face to face events, which will follow State Government restrictions and mandates accordingly.

The importance of expanding your professional network and staying connected has never been more important.  Attending member only online networking events with the WBA allows you to:

  • Catch up with peers
  • Meet fellow business owners and WBA members
  • Stay connected in the safety of your own office
  • Reduce down time and travel

What to Expect

If you have seen our online networking events advertised, but are unsure what to expect if you log in, then you are in the right place.  Written by WBA’s General Manager, Lauren Bell, the below steps explain how easy it is to network online, and what you can expect after logging in.

  1. Register online and save the Zoom Link
  2. Read our  ‘10 Tips for Successful Networking at a WBA Online Networking Event’ blog to find out how to maximise your networking in the session.
  3. Grab a coffee and join the Zoom meeting at the event start time
  4. Meet other business owners and WBA members in the main event screen as WBA staff do a brief introduction for everyone
  5. Grab a pen and some paper and make note of who you wish to network with
  6. During our timed break out room sessions, you will have the chance to choose who you network with by joining small groups for one-on-one networking
  7. When time is up, you return to the main event screen, before choosing someone new to network with in another breakout room
  8. The event runs like this until the event time is up and you have been able to meet lots of different business owners
  9. Share your contact details and save everyone elses so you can follow up directly post event.

What Attendees Have Said

Dawn Robinson, Seven West Media: ‘I confess I was unsure about this however thought I would give one a try before committing to them. It was great! I had really valuable conversations with a variety of lovely people, some I had not met and others I knew. I will definitely be joining more of these and I am so impressed with Breakout Rooms – my first experience of these

Tracy Murray, Spiritualeyes: ‘Loved it!!! What a great way to connect.’

Rachel Bryden, Connect and Flow WA: ‘It was great in the chat rooms, met so many lovely people 😊

Natalie Carter, Yhub Coworking: ‘Thanks for hosting I connected with 6 new people & had a mini staff catch up in one of them 🤪

Olga Rossouw, O’Rossouw’s Boutique: ‘Thank you sooo much! It was super fun!!! I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it’

Rachel Boros, SB Creations: ‘Loved it! Something a bit different. Can’t wait to connect with the new peeps I met and carry on supporting the people and businesses I already knew.’

These events are perfect to stay connected and promote your business.  Click here and filter by ‘Online Networking’ to see when our next one is.  We hope the information provided here will mean you are more than prepared and motivated to join us for our next one!



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