What is it like to be a WBA Board Member?

The Wanneroo Business Association (WBA) is a reputable not-for-profit organisation, with more than 20 years’ experience in supporting and representing businesses.  Founded by a passionate group of people in 1999, the WBA is now recognised as the premier business association North of the River, with an ever-growing and active community of over 450 members, from across 93 suburbs in Perth.

As an incorporated Association, the WBA falls under the Associations Incorporation Act 2015, and operates with a Committee of Management structure.  Our Commitee of Management is made up of representatives from WBA members, which we refer to as Board Members.

Nominations to join the WBA Board are now open, click here to read more.  The WBA is currently seeking energetic, community minded and committed individuals to nominate for the Committee of Management, ahead of our Annual General Meeting (AGM), in July 2022.  Work closely with a dedicated and diverse voluntary team, and the WBA staff, to generate ideas and drive initiatives, advocate for the organisation and be the face at our events. 

Read below what some of our current Board Members have to say about their time on the WBA Board.

Nigel Santa Maria, WBA President

“Serving on the Wanneroo Business Association (WBA) board as Treasurer and now President, is an honour and privilege.  Not only has it helped me with my personal and professional development, it has also helped me build my network, my brand and has provided me with the opportunity to meet a large amount of great people.  It has also provided me with an insight to the NFP sector, an area I am passionate about. The WBA is extremely progressive, diverse and inclusive, with a sound reputation and integrity.

I would fully encourage anyone who is seeking to take an active interest in the WBA to support next chapter,  to discuss getting involved either as a board member.”

Kasia Mieczkowski, WBA Vice President

WBA Board Members

‘I first joined the WBA Board in 2019.  Having the opportunity to work as part of the WBA Board has provided me with further professional and personal development in my career whilst being able to give back and support a community I am passionate about.

It has provided invaluable insight into a new industry for me in the NFP sector, within a reputable and growing organisation, whilst being supported by a friendly and professional group of peers. 

If you are passionate about the WBA and would love to be part of steering its journey forward, I’d highly recommend having a chat with one of us to find out more about what’s involved and consider nominating to join the committee.’

Andy Kahle, WBA Secretary

‘Everyone thinks that being on the board of the WBA takes up heaps of your time and energy, but this role has actually given so much back to me – both personally and as a business owner.  Collaborating and pooling talents with the other board members to help the wider business community, and working closely with the WBA staff – Lauren and Kellie – has been immensely rewarding.

I can highly recommend either helping out on one of the committees, or nominating for a board position to not only grow yourself and your business, but to add your own talents to the WBA pool for the betterment of all the members.’

Steven Windsor, WBA Board Member

‘I joined the Wanneroo Business Association because I am passionate about helping the businesses of my local community.  My last two years as a board member has been a fantastic journey, meeting and helping so many wonderful business owners and community group leaders. 

It has provided me with amazing opportunities for both personal and professional development, whilst allowing me to utilise my skills and knowledge as a Business Advisor and Coach to make tangible changes to the WBA and its members.

If you have the same passions as me and would like to join us in shaping the WBA for the exciting future that lies ahead, then I strongly recommend having a chat with one of our volunteer board members to find out more. 

It feels such an honour to serve the WBA members and you will feel this too if you decide to nominate to join our board.’

Rebecca Turnor, WBA Board Member

‘I’ve loved being involved in the WBA Board since I was elected in 2021, as it has helped me feel like I’m making a difference to our local small businesses. I’ve learnt so much about the sector, the challenges faced, and the type of support that truly helps. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to meet and interact with so many supportive and professional people.

Kati McKeon, WBA Board Member

‘It has been a privilege to serve on the WBA Board over the past 2 years and collaborate with a diverse group of board members, all working towards helping the local business community.  I have enjoyed the opportunity to contribute creatively to various projects to support and inform small business owners at different stages of their business growth.’

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