What can Perth businesses learn from the Queen?

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As the Commonwealth celebrates the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, we thought we would mark the occasion by listing what Perth businesses might be able to learn from Her Majesty’s impressive reign.  With more than 70 years experience ‘on the job’ following the unexpected abdication of her Uncle, Edward VIII, and the death of her father King George VI, Her Majesty is Britain’s longest serving monarch, with a reign that has seen the creation of the Commonwealth and the EU, many wars, 14 Prime Ministers and the modernisation of a constitutional monarchy.  So what five things can Perth businesses learn from the successful reign of Queen Elizabeth II?

Embrace technology. From the beginning of her reign Queen Elizabeth II has embraced new media.  Against the advice of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Her Majesty insisted on having the coronation ceremony televised.  It was a huge hit.  She was also keen to take up email, sending her first one in 1976!  Her Majesty battled against traditional and conservative forces and stayed open-minded with regards to technology.  As it happened, the media went on to enhance, rather than diminish, the importance of the monarchy.  Perth businesses should be looking at what technologies they can be implementing to achieve a competitive edge, as well as keeping their finger on the pulse of emerging and disruptive technologies within their industries.

The power of ‘in person’ meetings.  From early on in her reign Queen Elizabeth II gained respect and popularity by personally travelling to different countries, including Australia.  She was the first sitting Monarch to do so with the personal touch building support across the globe.  Sometimes in business, an email or phone call isn’t enough.  Perth businesses would benefit from making time for in person visits to strengthen relationships with customers and suppliers.  There is a lot you can learn from doing so!

Be resilient through uncertainty. Over a 70 year reign, Queen Elizabeth II has experienced war and peace, economic booms and recessions, a global pandemic, public family scandals and personal tragedies.  Even after recently losing her husband, Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh, she returned to work just days after.  Perth businesses should remember that mindset matters.  Business owners need the mental agility and resilience to thrive under pressure and respond to change.  What did you learn from COVID19 and how did you react to the risks and opportunities it presented to you?

Build your own authentic brand.  It is argued that Queen Elizabeth II has the world’s most recognized face, with a smart and consistent dress sense and style that is also distinctive.  Over the 70-year-reign, Her Majesty has done an outstanding job of building a personal brand through the way she acts, speaks and leads.  For Perth businesses, building an authentic brand and culture is also important.  Brand authenticity comes from within and filtrates through every aspect of a company.  It can be created by being real and honest, by using stories in your marketing, by becoming a trusted expert in your field and by staying consistent.

Confident decision making.  This is something Queen Elizabeth II has dealt with first-hand.  When committing to her role and duty, she often clashed with family members and had to make difficult decisions.  In order to thrive, Perth businesses need strong leadership from business owners and managers that have the confidence to make and stick to difficult decisions, even if it makes them unpopular.  You won’t always win friends, but you will earn trust and respect through seeking counsel and making informed decisions on behalf of your team and the business.

These are just some of the things Perth businesses can learn from the Queen, listed in a quick snapshot.

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