website taglines

Speak to any business adviser and they will stress the importance of a “tagline” or “strap line.” This is your opportunity to articulate your product or service offering in a nutshell. Sitting underneath your logo, any prospect can quickly understand what your business does and decide whether it’s for them.

Tagline examples

BMW uses “The Ultimate Driving Machine”

At Burning Fruit we use “Targeted Websites.”

Highly established organisations such as Apple tend to be able to afford a more conceptual tagline because their well-known brand allows them. However, smaller enterprises that don’t have millions to invest in their brand can use a more concise tagline.  This is particularly helpful when it comes to the value of a tagline on a website.

Capture Your Audience

When a visitor first lands on your website, they make a decision, stay and explore or bounce away and look elsewhere.

It’s a crucial moment.
They make the decision based on whether they have arrived at the right place and they make it very quickly. You have seconds to draw them in with your tagline.  Try placing your tagline in the “prime real-estate” of your landing page, known as “above the fold”.

Hone In 

Targeting your website visitor with a well-formulated tagline will capture their attention and keep them on your site. However, many SME’s still neglect the value of this opportunity and fail to include one.

Revisiting your company’s tagline to ensure it is successfully speaking to your target demographic is a worthy exercise. If you haven’t got one already, brainstorm options and get feedback to find one that effectively communicates your product/service.  This simple addition avoids guesswork for the user and improves their experience with you from the very start.

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