Covid Safe Ways To Use Your WBA Membership

Please note this article was written on 21 December 2021, and may not be up to date with restrictions currently in place – Click here to stay up to date with all the latest COVID19 WA Government updates.

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With Omicron now within the WA community, the Wanneroo Business Association is ready to support you.

It’s normal to have mixed feelings of what 2022 might bring.  Whether you feel confident, worried or are preparing to go about day to day life differently, we won’t be judging and are working to make sure you are able to maximise your WBA membership benefits regardless.

To help you prepare, and so that you are able to get as much as you can from your WBA membership, our General Manager Lauren Bell has prepared the following list of COVID safe membership benefits which you can use to promote your business and feel supported.

Not only are you able to access information on all our members in our online member directory as part of your membership, but featuring your business in the Directory is a free WBA membership benefit.  A search function makes it easy for you to find other member services, and for them to find you, or you can use the industry tabs to narrow down the services or products you are looking for.  Contact our team if you need to update your profile.

Here are some additional tips regarding this WBA membership benefit:

  1. Add a link to your WBA Member Directory profile to your website, having links between your website and our website increases the Google Search Engine Optimisation of both sites
  2. Make sure the information and contact details listed on your profile are up to date so potential customers can contact you

If you prefer to stay away from face to face events, or if you just don’t have the time to attend events in person, we have you covered! 

65% of members in our recent membership survey were happy to network online, from February 2022, Wanneroo Business Association will be holding monthly online networking events for you to access.  Grab a coffee and stay connected by logging in to these events, available as a free WBA membership benefit.

Facilitated by WBA General Manager, Lauren Bell, our online events will give you the chance to pitch your business or to network in smaller groups, making it easier for you to connect.

Here are some additional tips regarding this WBA membership benefit:

  1. Download Zoom in advance so you can join the online event smoothly
  2. Test your camera and microphone, you don’t want to have technical issues that prevent you from networking on the day
  3. Be patient, networking online is slightly different to being face to face, make sure you give the other people enough time to speak
  4. Consider your set up and what people might be able to see or hear in the background – make sure it reflects your brand and is professional

Wanneroo Business Association will continue to hold face to face events which will follow any restrictions in place at the time, we ask for your cooperation and understanding of this in advance.

If you feel more comfortable attending our events and wearing a mask, please do so, we wouldn’t want you to miss out!  As always, checking in using the SafeWA app is requested, as well as the use of hand sanitiser. 

We ask all people to be understanding and to respect the choices of one another, creating a ‘no jugdement ettiquette’ at all our events.

The WBA Member Forum is a Closed Facebook Group accessible to members only, as a free WBA membership benefit.  The group offers 24/7 support from fellow business owners, as well as the opportunity for you to promote your business without leaving your desk!  This is a great platform at your disposal and it’s easy to access, if you’re not already in the group, click here to request to join.

Here are some additional tips regarding this WBA membership benefit:

  1. Post positive content that adds value, sales posts are discouraged as nobody wants to be sold to!
  2. Use the group to carry out market research, ask for support, promote your business, position yourself as an industry expert or start conversations
  3. Post regularly, but not too much (you don’t want to annoy people!), once a fortnight is recommended

Reach thousands of people and let us promote your brand, products or services.  A benefit free as part of WBA membership, let us share your promotion on our website as news or a blog, give you a shout out on our social media platforms or feature in our fortnightly e-newsletter.  We can even share your videos on our YouTube channel if you would like us to.

Email your promotion, which can include event invitations, articles, special offers, customer testimonials or more, to for scheduling.

Please note that website content may be edited slightly due to SEO purposes and all promotions are scheduled so it may take a few days to be promoted.

Additional tip regarding this WBA membership benefit:

  1. Subscribe us to your email newsletter so you don’t need to remember to send us specific content.  This way, whenever you send out an update, we will automatically pick up the information and promote it for you

Talk to us.  If you need information or assistance contact us and we will help, you are not alone in business.

If you have a more complex issue in business, let us know.  Wanneroo Business Association has a track record of liaising directly with Local, State or Federal Governments on behalf of our members.  Together we can better the local business community.

Let us introduce you to the people you need to grow and support your business, our vibrant and active community of over 450 businesses is perfect for expanding your network and generating leads.  Whether the introduction is face-to-face at events or via email, introductions can be facilitated by our staff and are free as part of WBA membership. 

Additional tip regarding this WBA membership benefit:

  1. Make sure you check the attendee list emailed to you the day before our events, so you can let us know on arrival who you would like a physical introduction to

Click here to view the full list of services offered by Wanneroo Business Association, and click here to view the membership benefits.



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