Adarsh Australia was proud to receive both the Innovator of the Year and Business of the Year awards for 2022. Members of the Adarsh team, including Faz Pollard, Lindsay Wood, and Zach Riordan, accepted the awards during the City of Wanneroo Business Awards on November 4.

Adarsh Australia is a leading manufacturer of custom metal and plastic components, with offices in Malaga and Landsdale.

The company is an expert in manufacturing and, in that vein, has invested in related subsidiaries including Idea to Life, PG Watson, Afaridan Plastics, 3D Printers Perth, Adarsh Fibre, and Adarsh Medical.

Respectively, these companies aid Adarsh in its manufacturing efforts by increasing its capabilities in: accessible industrial design, prototyping & manufacturing, cnc machining,  investment casting, injection moulding, 3D printing, recycled pulp-paper products, and medical PPE & consumables.

Related to the latter, Innovator of the Year was awarded based on Adarsh Medical’s work automating the production of medical PPE & consumables in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and an ongoing need in the medical industry.

In particular, the team was congratulated on their work with cobots, otherwise known as collaborative robots.

The Adarsh team is proud of their work; however, they didn’t expect to win the Innovator of the Year award. This is doubly true for the Business of the Year, which was a big surprise for both the team who were at the awards and the rest of the team back in the office.

Adarsh will continue to innovate and strive for excellence in the coming months and years by manufacturing high-quality custom components and developing their local manufacturing capability.



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