Business Is About Trust Right Now – Contributed by Exposure Coach

It might be “business as usual” for you, but you need to be demonstrating (with your marketing) that people can TRUST you, your products and your services will keep them safe if you want to stay in business! Carry on reading to get my Tips to Create Trust in Business

As a business owner, marketing your business has never been more important and marketing from a place of fear, or jumping on the virus-bandwagon is a very bad move.

But you do need to address your customers and prospects to help them understand that you are doing everything that you can to help minimise any risks to them.

The tip here is to use this time to REGROUP and PLAN for the next few weeks or even months.

So here I have put together some tips to get you through these uncertain times.


STOP posting anything about the virus or anything negative. If your post doesn’t have a positive vibe, it’s not funny or light hearted, simply don’t post it. People are getting tired of virus-themed posts. And don’t post just anything simply for the sake of putting something up. REMIND people that you are the GO-TO EXPERTS in your field.

Plan 4 posts at a time and schedule them for every 3-4 days.


Can you do any business online? Not just your products or services but an info session, Q & A session, product launch, training? Can they buy from you on your website?

Show people you care by giving them these options and maybe you can make some money in a new way?


Address the ways that your business is POSITIVELY tackling this current situation in a blog, pinned post and/or bulk email to your fans, followers and clients. Be positive. Show them images of you helping people, even if it’s you in front of the computer!


Show people how you are managing your business. Extra cleaning, new policies and procedures and give them incentives to hang around, especially if you have ongoing memberships! What can you offer them in the future if they stick with you? Maybe a good time to start a loyalty program or bundling strategy?


with you existing customers. Keep them informed. Share their concerns, address them. Ask them how they are doing? What are they doing? Can you help plug their business through yours? Can you set up an initiative to assist a group or particular customer that would make a great news story for your socials?


Whether you are self-isolating or not, there will most probably be some down time for you as we move through this and things get cancelled.

Use it to plan, educate yourself, connect with suppliers, expand your products, support local business, get new collaborations, chat with people that you are keen to do business with… the world is not ending people!


Don’t do ANYTHING when you are in a NEGATIVE HEADSPACE! You can’t expect to get any new customers in the same afternoon if you have been watching the bad TV news all morning and you have put yourself in a negative frame of mind.

NEGATIVE VIBES including DESPERATION, (for money or new sales) are VERY easily picked up on by consumers!

Listen or read a motivation book or something on You Tube, listen to your favourite album, get excited about a new project that you now have time to plan…

Call me for an Accountability Session? (I work online! – insert wink here)


this current situation is affecting everyone differently and it’s very easy to get all caught up in the doom and gloom of it all.

A wise business women, told me yesterday that she is “glad” that this has happened. Not because of the actual virus and what’s it doing to people, but because it forces people to look at themselves and figure out a better way to move forward in life! what an amazing insight, that certainly got me thinking!

How much do we take for granted? If something happened to a member of your family, you would want to stop everything anyway to help them, so why not use this as an opportunity to connect and plug-in to your loved ones. You may need a shoulder to lean on and they may need yours – TRUST your family as this is a great time to talk about how you are feeling. #turnupthetrust

Dedicated to your success,

Janine Davison – 0450 882 778 (8am-8pm)

Business Mentor and Sales Coach

This blog was written and submitted to Wanneroo Business Association by Exposure Coach.  Check out what’s coming up at the WBA on our events page.



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