Tips for Surviving COVID 19 – Contributed by Woodhouse

We are all in trying times, but as leaders our families, our employees and our employee’s families are relying on us to find sustainable continuity solutions. Below are some tips for surviving Covid-19
1. Stay Calm
2. Keep your post COVID 19 position in mind when selecting solutions
3. Be systematic and rational in your planning
4. Think outside the box – there are opportunities afoot
5. Look at your problems from multiple perspectives, not just financial and legal
6. Use proven problem-solving tools eg OODA loop
7. Make evidence-based decisions for surviving Covid-19
8. Retain your staff during Covid-19 – maintain your capacity to deliver
9. You are not alone – use advisors to share the load
10. Collaborative with local businesses during Covid-19
Remember, in extraordinary times, comes extraordinary achievements
If you’re unsure about how your business a path through this crisis, seek the assistance of an independent specialist like Woodhouse.

You can view Woodhouse Consulting and Coaching Service in the WBA Member Directory

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