Marketing Tips For Tradies – Contributed by AndyK Graphic Artist

You might be great at your trade, but the tough truth is that without any customers there won’t be any work. A lot of solo tradies experience hard times or fail before they even get started, not from a lack of customers looking for their services, but simply because the customers do not know they even exist.

Whether you’re a carpenter, electrician, plumber, bricklayer or a jack of all trades, a small startup or have an established team of guys working for you, your trade is your livelihood.

You probably think time spent on marketing means time away from completing jobs – which is how you get paid, right? And this is why many tradies fall into the trap of only promoting with a sense of desperation when there’s no work on, and going totally quiet when they’re busy.

So here’s a Marketing Tips For Tradies to get you focused and get a step up on your competitors who haven’t seen this article.

What’s your Message?

From the client’s first contact with you – whether that’s through your website, social media channels or over the phone – what are you saying? Keep it simple and concise. Choose your two most important qualities and create one clear message. Then push that message through all marketing platforms (website, social media, brochures etc.)

Build Trust through real experience photos

We are living in a world that is so digitally focused that going online is really the best pathway to reach your audience. But because we are all so digitally distracted, it also needs to be quick and clear. Quality photos of your work, you working, your team working send a stronger message of “trust me” than any free stock images will provide. Here’s a few tips on how to get the best out of the phone camera while you’re on the job.

Ask for Referrals

It doesn’t have to be a formal request. It can be as casual as, “mate, how about you give us a review on Google or Facebook?” Or add it to your invoice template and your email signature.
And don’t forget to check your business on Yelp

Go Mobile Friendly

If you have a website, then make sure it doesn’t just display well on the mobile, but also that your phone number is a quick link so the client can dial you direct.

Get Social

I’m not talking about heading down the pub more often. Social media is the best way to get your local tradie message out there, but you need to be regular, consistent, on topic and branded. Pick a couple of platforms (Facebook & Instagram) that suit your needs and target your audience, get yourself a social media scheduling program, and assign yourself some time after hours to schedule at least 3 posts per week. Remember that 80% of your social media posts should inform, educate, and entertain your audience, while only 20% should directly promote your business.

Get Listed

Start with your free Google My Business listing. This is the one that will show up when people are searching for your trade in your area. Then start looking for other directories to list your business on (List of 30). The more and bigger listings you’re on, the better your Google ranking will be. Be sure to keep a list of where you’ve listed yourself so you can do regular updates as needed.


You may think networking is for corporate hotshots in power suits. But in today’s world, savvy tradies (i.e your competitors) connect with local business groups to get ahead. Shop around to find the right “fit” for you, and then give yourself time to network in person at least once a fortnight. Remember that with networking, you get out of it what you put in.

Vehicle Signage

You’re on the road and then onsite, so take your advertising with you. Make it clear, easy to read and easy to remember. Your customer might not be able to remember your phone number, but might search for your Facebook page or website after they’ve driven past you.

Letter Drops

Sure you can pay to do a huge letter drop in your area, but unless you regularly advertise in that area you may not get great results. How about doing a small scale letter drop just around the location where you are currently working. Try offering a “free quote while I’m working in the area” …

Offer Multiple Contact Points

Not all tradies are able to answer their phone immediately, so leave a message that gives your customer another option. Ask them to text, email or Facebook message their requirements, allowing you to respond after hours.

I hope some of these tips have helped you focus your tradie business marketing. If you need a spare set of hands to assist with your marketing material and social scheduling, Andy has pay as you go or monthly plans available.


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