Do not slow down because of COVID-19 –  Contributed by Perth Digital Edge

It has been a few months since the COVID-19 outbreak and a few weeks since the government imposed lockdowns in our area.

The entire world is affected as most businesses are closed and not operational. If you are an entrepreneur, I am sure that you are threatened and worried by the current global situation.

What will happen to the business now?

The bigger question is… how can you keep it going despite the COVID-19 pandemic?

It is possible to keep promoting your business and continue earning during the pandemic but if you are on the right track, success is a possibility.

As a digital entrepreneur/marketer, the current situation could be to your advantage as most people are expected to spend more time online. It is the perfect timing to optimise your business page and get noticed by viewers immediately.


You need to keep the ball rolling by integrating these top 3 tips into your marketing style.

Tip #1: Focus on SEO

Your online presence is necessary now more than ever, transaction habits are shifting to online. Your services should be available to your clients at any time.

There is a tremendous surge with online purchases for medications, food, protective equipment and other essential goals that allow you to optimise or market on such a niche.

SEO provides you with techniques that allow you to connect with clients and market the business to a wider or more specific audience.

SEO contents can be used to inform the viewers of what is happening in the economy which can be useful to a particular set of audiences. For instance it will provide you with details of buying habits and online activities, these can also be integrated into your marketing strategy later on.

With the right SEO strategy, your business can stay afloat during the pandemic, do not slow down.

Tip #2: Stay updated!    

Understandably it can be hard to predict marketing trends during these trying times. It is essential to understand the current market situation to position your business at the right angle.

There are different tools that can help you acquire the information that you need. You can seek help from a professional digital marketer for the best results and to ensure that you are on the right track. Maintaining relevant ads is essential to boost your brand and draw audience attention through PPC campaigns.

Tip #3: Stay connected!

Show gratitude by staying connected across multiple channels using social media. Staying connected means communicating your brand with others through organic search results and emails which brings you closer to potential clients.

Similarly let your customers know that you are thinking of them and that we can all overcome it. It can help you establish a good relationship and obtain excellent feedback which can boost the popularity of your business.

In Conclusion

The Coronavirus crisis is robbing the business industry at the moment. However, it presents a significant opportunity for modern entrepreneurs due to digital marketing.

The current global crisis shouldn’t be an excuse for you, do not slow down marketing your effort.  Digital marketing tools and techniques are widely available to your advantage.

If you feel like the business is starting to hit rock bottom, it’s not too late to consult a digital marketer to work wonders on your enterprise.

You should not forget your objectives. You should learn to survive by making sure that your business is standing and well-protected by smart marketing strategies.

Keep your business rolling and stay safe!

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