Pro Marketing Hacks that can Save your Business – Contributed by Perth Digital Edge

Is the pandemic taking a toll on your business? Are you struggling to stay on the line due to the Coronavirus crisis?

I know what you’re thinking…

It is no surprise as we are all on the same boat. I know it is a challenge to keep up with the business and make ends meet during these trying times.

The internet is an advantage as it stops you from hitting rock bottom. There are several tools and platforms that can leverage to promote your business.


Look at these five Pro Marketing Hacks that can Save your Business in the middle of COVID-19 pandemic!

  1. Update your website.

Update your website with information that is related to COVID-19 pandemic. You should have a primary landing page with the most recent COVID-19 information, which is good for SEO.

It allows the audience to stay updated during the crisis and your business to be more visible on SERP. Let your followers know the updates that you have done for easy navigation.

  1. Reassess digital campaigns.

There are core principles that can keep you guided in the wake of Coronavirus pandemic. One example is reassessing marketing campaigns to ensure that contents are reliable and relevant to the present economic condition.

It is essential to be critical with content, imagery, tone and keywords to make it relatable and to show empathy to the audience. You should also be more critical with the information that you are sharing on social media campaigns and within the website.

  1. Keep going!

The Coronavirus siege has put everyone into force isolation. No more business as usual as most establishments have halted operation due to the virus scare.

There is no reason to stop marketing your business. The internet is everyone’s bestfriend at the moment, and you take advantage of it by finding a way to connect with the users, use these Pro Marketing Hacks!

  1. Publish relevant content.

Remember that the content that you published two weeks ago may not be relevant at the moment. You should be looking at posting updated information to give your audience the most reliable and consistent data.

Take time to reassess your contents before posting it on social media or website. You should also add personal style and creative to draw audience attention further.

  1. Always let your clients know that you are thinking of them.

Engage with your audience and let them know that you are one with them during this crisis. Publish positive and hopeful contents to uplift their minds and spirits as a way of showing brand resilience.

Do not play the doctor role, unless you are. The wrong idea can worsen the condition and will leave everyone in a state of panic.

One more thing…

Update your Google My Business Listing! 

It is essential to let your clients know if you are temporarily closing the company or changing operating hours.

I know you are thinking of the implications in the ranking. Stop! Marking your business as temporarily closed does not affect the ranking. Your business will still appear in SERP!

Final Thoughts

None of us knows when the Coronavirus global crisis is going to end. There is hope for your business as long as you know what you are doing.

I suggest getting professional help for digital marketing. Professionally done digital marketing can assure you with the most effective tactics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Moreover, you should continue to connect with your audience and show them that you remain hopeful and resilient despite the current crisis.

Do you want to talk to expert digital marketer?

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