Sustainable Business Growth: Why Does My Business Need It Right Now? – Contributed by Ignitzee

Sustainability means more than just saving the environment. Sustainable business growth is growing in a way that doesn’t set yourself, your finances, your team or the world unintentionally on fire. Despite what you might see online, there’s no magical potion, secret recipe or other clichés that will grow your business oversight. Here’s our big ol’ dish of tough love about what it really takes to action change now.

Sustainable Business Growth Point 1 – Only Invest What You Have

Haven’t got a budget for marketing? For fancy technology? For a pretty office?

Not every business need to start with angel investors, begging family members for money or taking a second mortgage on the house. There are ways to structure your growth so that you can launch in to sustainable business growth.  Move into new markets and build new products without a giant wad of cash. The bad news is that this approach takes a whole lotta hustlin’.

At Ignitzee, we’ve built up lists of pragmatic solutions and trusted partners for businesses at every price point – from free to premium. Admittedly, you do get what you pay for, but hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth (or in my case, the pony that your parents paid for with a case of beer…).

sustainable business growth

Sustainable Business Growth Point 2 – Look After People, Starting With Yourself

Hustlin’ is hard. You don’t have to pay for a weekend retreat or a fancy conference to know that we connect best with people who have their sh*t together. It seems obvious to say that nobody wants to do business with someone who is time-poor, stressed, chronically unwell or sleep-deprived. But ask yourself, how much sleep did you get last night? Are thoughts of your business niggling at the back of your mind right now?

Kindness is a funny thing. It starts with being kind to yourself and spreads from there. You’ve got this. Don’t compare yourself to other businesses. It’s like the Wizard of Oz – you never know what’s happening behind the curtain. If you need an afternoon nap, take one, and you’ll come back refreshed and with a clearer mind to tackle things and gain business growth.

Sustainable Business Growth Point 3 – ONE Thing At A Time. Just One.

Business growth doesn’t mean putting your business out in every direction at all once. After all, you are only investing what you have and looking after yourself. Whether you are trying out new products, new channels to sell or new types of customers, just do one at a time. Have a theory for business growth, test it, measure it and tweak it. Again and again and again and again until you get it.

sustainable business growth

Sustainable Business Growth Point 4 – Get Time Back In Your Life: Standardise Then Automate

There’s no magical technology system that will solve all of your business challenges (but if you find one, let us know 😉). Getting in control of your business starts with having consistent ways of doing things (YARS, PROCESSES!). Once you’ve got that in place, then you can level up to automating that bad boy. If you start with the technology first, all you’ll end up doing is stupid things faster.

Sustainable Business Growth Point 5 – Be Part Of The Community

We all want to feel like we are something bigger than ourselves. It can be as small as sponsoring the local football team, donating to the school fete or making sure that your business is environmentally friendly. Community means rubbing shoulders with people that we wouldn’t usually. It’s only natural to want to work with people like ourselves but, think about building a tribe that challenges you. They’ll get you thinking, and growing, in ways that you never imagined.

Sustainable Business Growth Point 6 – Don’t Forget That Small Business Matters

Small and medium-sized businesses have the power to bring about real change. Educating and empowering them has the potential to transform our communities into something truly amazing.

Wow. That was a lot of tough love and here’s a kitten for your troubles.

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