In this article, we will go over the many different reasons why it’s so important to have a well-functioning SEO optimized website for your business, so your customers can find your brand online.


Introduction to how the evolution of search has affected businesses (SEO)

20 years ago, when you wanted to find something you asked your friends or looked in the phone book, then the Internet happened. People all around the world now use the internet as their primary way of finding things because people can research just about anything without having to go to a library, speak to a professional, or even leave their home. As time went on, more and more businesses learnt that it was a good idea to have a website online which explained to their customers what products or services they offered. This new technology back in the day was seen as just another expense, as it only really served an auxiliary function of either looking pretty or giving information to customers which they could have told them over the phone. Fast forward to 2020, and the reality is that without a well built, functioning website that drives traffic, you are doomed and are likely to fail in the near future. This article explains why.

Reason 1: Without a good website, you literally do not exist to your customers

According to most online sources, over 90% of all transactions begin with an online search these day in every industry. Let that sink in for just a minute!

So it doesn’t matter if your selling carpet, a law firm, a clothes manufacturer or even an adult entertainment venue. When people have this idea, the first thing they do is in our modern world is pull out their phone and let their fingers do the walking, and this is where search engine optimization for business comes in. If your website isn’t found in the top 10 organic search results, as in doesn’t rank well on Google searches etc, then your potential customers with their ever shortening attention spans will not even see your business because they will be too lazy to look past the first page of the search engine results. Therefore, your business can not overlook a solid SEO strategy to make sure you are found online. Without this key element in the sales pipeline you may get new customers from word of mouth, driving past your physical location, or the super expensive paid media advertising you do. But without being visible within the search engines, your online exposure will be limited, and your customer base will eventually dry up. Stop and have a think about it for a minute.

No, really. If you are not visible online, and just about everybody searches online for your product or service and your website is not search engine optimized, how will they possibly use your services or buy your products?

Something else that I find troubling as a gen Y individual is, if you ask someone under the age of 25 how to find a product or service, I can 99% guarantee you they will not mention Facebook advertising, expensive traditional advertising, the yellow pages listing you’re paying for, or even the big neon sign you have flashing out the front showcasing what you have to offer. This tell us one thing, that eventually every type of advertising will be focused on getting that first page positions within the search engines because this is were people look naturally.

SEO tips
  1. Install an SSL certificate on your website
  2. Do keyword research around users search intent
  3. Create good user experience on your website
  4. Explore content marketing options and take advantage or long tail keyword searches
  5. Put your website in as many online directories like the WBA that you can find to increase exposure and build trust to your website.
  6. Use catcha to secure your website.
  7. Do not leave your email address or phone number out in the open for crawlers to pick up, this will fill your inbox with spam and your phone with telemarketers user a link (i.e EMAIL ME NOW)
  8. Have an XML site map this will allow the search engine spiders to crawl.
  9. Have a google my business account with reviews
Reason 2: Your website in 2020 is now a tangible asset with real monetary value and how well you have done search engines optimization will determine its overall value

Ask yourself this, what does your website actually do? If all it seems to do is gather dust and cost you small amounts of each year does it actually provide your business any value at all? No, it does not… but if a website starts working for you then does it not become a tangible asset worth real money?

Let’s look at a situation. As an example, let’s say your business provides electrical services, or you are an electrician. If each ‘’job’’ you do has an average profit value of say $500.00 on average (some more some less of course), and your website bring in at least one 1 job every day and you multiple this out over a 30 day month, your website is essentially making you on average around $15,000.00 a month – this is a net profit of $180,000.00 per year.

That begs the question what would you pay to have an automated lead generation machine that brings you a profit of $180,000.00 year in year out? As you can see appearing in the first page of the search engine results has a huge benefit and this is the principle reason why you should get started on your small business SEO and content optimization and make it a marketing priority.

Today in business acquisition when a larger business acquires smaller ones, one of the most important factors they look at is how do these smaller businesses get new customers? If all of their customer base is only following the owner of the business around because he is known in the community, and the customers would leave once the business was bought, then the sale price would be a lot smaller. On the other hand, if the customer base was coming through a tangible asset like a website, which had a steady flow of customers who were obtained solely through the website, then that said website would increase the businesses sale price dramatically. Like the old saying goes ‘’You can have the best product in the world, if you can’t sell it however, then it’s worth nothing’’. This applies to all businesses and their ability to bring in new customers.

Reason 3: It’s an accurate representation of your business and the products and services you provide

One of the key factors in search engine optimisation is traffic volumes. Once you have the flow of traffic of potential customers, your website will need to have accurate information about what it is your business does exactly. With this information, customers can find out quickly, if you provide the product or service they require. Luckily to portray your brand well online you need to follow what the search engines want. So as a small business if you provide a good user experience and have some form of keyword research within your text, then chances are your site will appear within the organic search results. However there is an art to being at the top of google and seeking a professional search engine optimization specialist that can effectively user SEO tools and devise a effected SEO strategy is highly recommend as you will reach your goal a lot faster and save money. It’s a lot like doing your tax – when you do it you make a lot of mistakes and don’t get as much out of it as your accounts team could, SEO is the same thing.

Reason 4: Its your automated sales team bringing you in a steady flow of customers

​As mentioned previously, its critical to have a well-positioned, well designed website (high user experience) because it will bring you in a steady flow of customers, without having to pay sales teams to do outbound sales, or pay for advertising. 

Using methods such as website design and SEO (search engine optimization), your website will be ranked by Google according to the way people are searching for products and services, along with how well your website has been built.

Perth Digital Edge can help you today with SEO and Website design

Based in Perth Western Australia, we are a complete service digital marketing agency who specialise in custom digital marketing strategies. Our main aim is to help you dominate your own niche and create a highly effective digital marketing campaign that works.

To date every project, we have been involved in has had a positive return on investment for our clients.

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Perth Digital Edge Capability Statement

Your likely to be aware that Perth Digital Edge can help you with your SEO strategy, but did you know we also do the following?

  • Hosting
  • Digital graphic design including logo making
  • Link building strategies
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  • Photography  
  • Copy writing    
  • Blog post updating 
  • Website development 
  • E-commerce optimisation
  • Online marketing
  • App development
  • Website custom back end development



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