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The notion of a ‘vicious cycle‘ is well known. Perhaps it says a lot about our world that no phrase comes immediately to mind for the opposite phenomenon!

For now we shall refer to the positive chain of events where good things lead to more good things as the ‘upward spiral’. For example, exercise leads to more energy, which gives us more motivation to exercise, and when this cycle continues it results in huge benefits to our health.

It is this ‘upward spiral’ of events that we seek to achieve with the interactions we design and implement at Steps Co. Whether driving a business change initiative, improving team performance, supporting a small business, facilitating personal development or improving health and fitness, our approach is always people-focused and driven by a genuine desire to improve future experiences. Our ultimate aim is happy, positive people!


Steps Co Pty Ltd



Business Managed Services
Independent facilitation
Boot Camp


What we do

Business Managed Services. Including but not limited to business mentoring, practical setup and optimisation support for small businesses, IT managed services (including Office 365 and basic web presence), social media management, knowledge management and information storage/migration, relationship building.

Organisational Development

Independent facilitation - workshop design and delivery; business analysis; enterprise architecture; leadership and team performance; strategy and planning; people and culture; change management.

Do You Even Bootcamp!? We run a Bootcamp club in Clarkson WA 6030. We operate a regular timetable of outdoor group fitness classes, corporate team building events, bespoke training packages and an online healthy living program. New members welcome - free trial available!



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