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Welcome! We are so pleased that you want to learn the art of Public Speaking and Desire to improve your ability to Lead and Communicate.

Public Speaking & Leadership Academy also proudly offers an Online Programme. Live every Thursday 5.30 – 8.00pm (AWST) Via Zoom for the unbelievably Low price of just $10 AU. You can enjoy an interactive learning environment and if you wish, take part in pitching yourself to a small group of friends, you will be offered constructive feedback to help you grow. So, to all you Entrepreneurs who have a message to share, what are you waiting for? Come and learn the art of Communication. You won’t regret it. The first two meetings are free. Register on the Eventbrite link below





Public Speaking and Leadership Academy



What we do

We recently became ambassadors for David JP Phillips. David is the founder of JP University and has devoted his entire life to the skill of communication. With his three successful TEDx talks and numerous studies, one could say that, he in a way reinvented communication. Now he’s also reinvented the way you can learn it. Check him out here.       

Why? Because your communication and presentation skills are the most important skills in your entire life! They will influence every relationship you have, every presentation you deliver and any communication situation you are ever in. Simply everything you are and become.

So excited about this union, we decided to offer a very special gift. Should you enroll directly in this JP University course, David will further give you a 20% discount. Please use the code:  JPU plsacademy 

And here is the best part, PSL Academy does Not receive any commission. Instead, David will allow us to enroll children Under the age of 16 in the JP University course free of charge. David’s Vision is to allow children, everywhere in the world, access to the JP University course work for free and here is how You can help make this possible. The more people who enroll in the JP University via our PSL Academy, the more it will enable us, to teach these Communication Skills in our schools and impact the lives of our children for the better.

PSL Academy is now able to deliver this amazing course, under the close watch of David himself. We endorse and partner in David’s Vision, and have made a commitment to help fund the course via our academy by not taking any affiliate commissions.

We hope you will join us; We cannot wait to meet you!

Warmest regards Jacqui Huntley & Jan Murdoch

Public Speaking & Leadership Academy.

Helping the world to Speak and Lead.


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