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Let me introduce myself, my name’s Nigel Tye, British born but grew up here in Belmont, Perth from aged 1 to 9 before being dragged back screaming and kicking to the UK.

Spent all my youth playing sport, anything I could get my hands on, excelled at Football, rugby and cricket representing the county at all levels. At aged 18, I enlisted in the Royal Air Force and a Medic (paramedic) and served worldwide in many different areas of operations, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Falkland Islands and during the Zaire crisis in Africa let alone any other ops and training exercises. During my last home base tour, I was the Aeromedical Evacuations manager looking after ALL the injured soldiers returning with injuries from tours of operations. Managing and handling their complete transition from overseas to the appropriate medical care back in Birmingham UK with a seamless clinical handover. Unfortunately, this encompassed some 220 casualties monthly during the Afghanistan conflict with a extreme range of injuries.

This was the hardest and most challenging tour I had in my whole career but for that 5 years of my career at the Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Birmingham it was a privilege to serve and to have a major part in these amazing soldiers medical care and rehabilitation. These brave souls ended up making the core element of the London 2012 British Paralympic team and couldn’t have been any prouder.

Upon leaving the RAF I undertook another huge challenge by managing the Medical operations for the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics. Looking after all medical care at the whole Stratford main village. This was huge and another massive highlight of my career with the Volunteer Games Makers making my job so much easier with their exceptional professionalism and vigor made every day a blessing.

All my career I have been in health and health management following my vocation in helping people.

Since arriving in Australia in 2016 I have been searching for the right challenge to fulfill me in my calling to help people, until I came across the ‘The Life Coaching College’. Wow, these amazing people, their training, their support and guidance has inspired me to my dream role in coaching people to find the best versions of themselves.

I have always been the old soul helping and guiding people all throughout my life, now I have been armed with some more amazing tools, techniques and support to now do this for a living, what a privilege!!

The skills I have and vast life experience enable me to connect and empathise and help people view problems, issues, hurdles from another aspect and guide them through their self-doubt and out the other side empowered and supported to move forward and reach their true potential whether that be in personal, health, business or relationships.

I am also trained as a Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner (NLP) and again armed with many tools and techniques to change fears, limiting beliefs and phobias, present and past to clear the mind and a reset for onward growth.

Please if you would like to talk discuss how I can help and I know I can, please email or call me and lets plan your new future


Growth Evolution Coaching



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Alternate and Holistic Health Coach
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What We Do

As a Life transitional and transformation coach, I help people and businesses grow through positive mindset and goal setting. Brainstorming options, breaking limiting beliefs and creating new habits to succeed.

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