To understand how one can Empower others one has to understand two key words in the development sphere which are “change” and “growth”

The best way to distinguish between the two is consider whether the situation that you’re in could be better applied with some thought or effort. If you feel that there’s no realistic hope for it ever improving, it might be time for a radical change. This is especially so if your current actions are making the situation worse.

This is the platform of which Changing Lives Australia works with individuals, community and organisations. As a business and organisation it is important for us to understand what you are seeking to ensure we deliver and support the outcomes you wish to achieve through change or growth.

What is Change you ask?

  • This often means a turn around....such as changing your life, going back to college, moving to a new city or starting a family
  • Change can be one off event....these can happen suddenly, like losing your job. The effects will change the days, weeks and months to come but the change it self is sudden and self contained.
  • Change can be externally imposed...not all changes are by choice, in fact most are from the outside. They can be negative (sudden loss), and they may even seem like a negative change but later can become positive ones such as becoming a father or mothers. Knowing how to manage change is important for making the best of these times.

What is Growth?

  1. Growth takes time...and that is for sure and it can be a paradigm shift in how you think or an external shift like becoming a mother or father. You can’t become an expert in a day or completely remove old bad habits in a week.
  2. Growth is an incremental process...and when you are growing, your moving steadily in once direction. This could mean becoming a better parent; consistently working towards a promotion or career shift, getting a degree or other qualification.
  3. Growth needs motivation....while changes can be come from outside, growth always comes from within you. Other people might support, help and encourage you - but ultimately, YOU have to want to grow. It takes energy and effort on a long-term basis...which means you need to keep up your motivation.

Need Help?

Mental Health First Aid Training -

This internationally recognised course was developed at the Centre for Mental Health Research at the Australian National University and is now delivered across 20 countries globally. Today this program is delivered in collaboration with the Wanneroo and Communities Suicide Prevention Network and is available to be delivered Australia wide.

Content covered includes;

  • Understanding mental health, including diagnoses, prevalence and common misconceptions
  • Symptoms and causes of depression, anxiety, psychosis and substance misuse.
  • How to provide initial support to adults who maybe experiencing a mental health crisis.
  • Crisis First Aid for: suicidal behaviour, panic attacks, aggressive behaviour, self harm, acute psychosis.
  • Responding to the effects of Traumatic events and drug and alcohol misuse.

This course includes;

  • Engaging, up to date materials
  • Take home reference pack and free online resources
  • All day catering and beverages with dietary requirements catered for
  • Post -course contacts for help and advise
  • Certificate of attendance and opportunity to be accredited nationally
  • Access to online Facebook Support Group

This program is available to community, businesses, not for profits and also the corporate sector and delivered to suit any industry and scholarships are available also. Contact us today by email:

Mentoring and Lifestyle & Wellness Coaching -
Mentoring and Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching utilises elements of positive psychology and supports people who maybe moving through something and supporting individuals to move through areas to reach their potential.

Wellness is about optimal well being and it covers all four elements of wellness including mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. As the demands change in this evolving world due to complexities and also demands of daily life as a coach we are supporting clients to over barriers to change that relate to personal organisation, time management and multiple of stress related causes. There are many reasons.

For instance, you might consider support in the areas of:
Wanting to learn how to take advantage of your own strengths and talents?
Don't have an acceptable work-life balance?
Have a lot of stress?
Aren't as healthy as you'd like to be, like to recover and move forward?
Needing some guidance on moving forward in your career or the next stage of life?
Don't know what to do about a major life decision, such as a move or promotion?

Mentoring and Lifestyle and Wellness Coaching can provide the support and tools to help you move forward and accomplish your goals.

Support Work -

Do you need affordable, flexible home care and mental health support work? You can hire us.

A qualified Mental Health Support Worker can support you with the following:

Activities, Outings & Community Access, Home Maintenance, Companionship, Light Gardening, Light Housework, Meal Preparation, Personal Assistant (Admin), Shopping, Sports/ Exercise & Provide Transport

Clients can hire directly, which means there is a flexible and responsive approach, and take extra care in getting to know our clients and their individual needs.

Police Check, WWCC, First Aid, Covid19 Infection trained, NDIS Quality and Safety Commision trained plus more.

Have a chat for FREE on how we can work together to support you to change your life, your staff and support your business

Contact us today by emailing:

We look forward to help you live life better and being better than you were yesterday on your terms.


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Changing Lives Australia is a lived experience organisation with a focus on empowering community through consulting, mentoring, coaching, speaking engagements, support and also delivering Mental Health First Aid training to community and organisations.





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