ACL Migration Agents


Specialist Migration Agents assisting individuals and businesses navigate the migration process. Lloyd Kelbrick

Professional Registered Migration Agent based in Joondalup,Perth, Western Australia.

Lloyd Kelbrick is the principal registered migration agent and has been practicing in Perth, Western Australia since 2005. He has assisted many people and companies through the Australian visa process.

Face-to-face consultations are done in the office, but can also do consultations via Skype, or by email exchange if that is preferable. The agents are diligent with research and have also been successful with appeals at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.


ACL Migration Agents



Migration processes
What we do

Most visa applications are submitted online through the Department’s systems. Accordingly I can assist businesses and individuals no matter the location.

There are a number of key visa schemes as follows:

  • Skilled – includes employer-sponsored visas
  • Family - parent, partner and child visas.
  • Short-term visitor visas e.g. business and tourist visas
  • Student

Employer sponsored visas

Lloyd has been assisting businesses for the last 12 years employ and nominate staff from overseas to work temporarily (457 visa), and permanently in Australia (186 or 187 visas). These are complicated and onerous. For more details please contact me: 0419925185 or email:

Parent visas

Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents can sponsor their parents to live in Australia. Parents must meet the “balance of family” test. To confirm your eligibility please contact us.

Partner visas

Australians can sponsor their spouse or de facto partner (including same-sex partner) for a visa to Australia. There are a number of different options and there is a visa specifically for couples who are engaged.

Visitor visas

There are different visitor visas for tourism and family visits and short-term business visas.

Skilled visas

These are for persons who are highly skilled and are looking to relocate to Australia with their qualifications and work experience as to criteria for eligibility to the visa.

Office contact details:

Telephone (08) 9301 0660


ACL Migration Agent's office hours are: Monday - Thursday - 9am to 4pm Fridays 9am - 3pm

Parking is a bit of a challenge but there are usually spaces available down the side road and there will be a 50 - 100 metre walk



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