Business Association Member Case Study – Edith Cowan University School of Business and Law

Meet Professor Kerry Brown, Edith Cowan University.  As a long standing member of Wanneroo Business Association (WBA), read on to get to know more about the organisation, her current research project and experience with the WBA as a Business in the Spotlight.

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Tell us more about Edith Cowan University (ECU)

ECU was established in 1991. At ECU we are guided by our values of integrity, respect, rational inquiry and personal excellence. Our focus on teaching and research is inspired by engagement and partnerships with those in the many communities we were established to serve. ECU’s School of Business and Law develops industry-ready graduates through high quality teaching and learning experiences and engaged, applied research.

Summarise the Wanneroo Business Association in 3 words

Engaged, Efficient and Purposeful.

What is your favourite thing about the Wanneroo Business Association?

The professional facilitation of the Wanneroo Business Association to help the ECU research team connect with the business owners who are members of the WBA and hearing their stories.

Why did you opt to be one of our Business in the Spotlight members?

The ECU research team is conducting research into the impact of COVID-19 on micro, small and medium businesses in WA. Being Wanneroo Business Association’s Business in the Spotlight gave us the opportunity to meet and interact with many of the business owners in the area and promote our research study.

302 people attended events included in your Business in the Spotlight campaign, why was event exposure so important to you and your business?

In order to produce findings that are representative of micro, small and medium businesses in WA it is important that we obtain input from as many respondents as possible and being the Business in the Spotlight was a great way to promote the study.

What was your favourite part of the Business in the Spotlight campaign?

The research team particularly enjoyed the Business Breakfast that the Wanneroo Business Association organised as a part of the Business in the Spotlight campaign.  Hearing from different businesses about how COVID-19 had impacted them was a real reminder of the significance of the study that we are undertaking.

Would you recommend the Business in the Spotlight package?

Yes, definitely!


The research study on COVID-19 is still open for you to contribute to.  Click here to complete the survey

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