Meet Paul Fox, Director of Fox Mortgage Services.  As a member of the Wanneroo Business Association that opted to be a Business in the Spotlight, read on on to get to know him, as he shares more about his experience with the WBA so far.

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Tell us more about Fox Mortgage Services

Fox Mortgage Services started in 2016 and I am the principal broker, supported by a great team in the office. We provide a full range of finance solutions for business and personal needs.  Our ideal client would be a small business owner and our biggest accolade is that over 80% of our business comes from our existing client referrals.

Summarise the Wanneroo Business Association in 3 words

Active, Fun and Focused

What is your favourite thing about the WBA?

The support from the Wanneroo Business Association team, Lauren Bell and Kellie Foskett

What is your biggest challenge in business?

My biggest challenge is increasing staffing.  It’s important that I get the balance and timing right to justify scaling up.

Why did you opt to be one of our Business in the Spotlight members?

I wanted to increase our brand recognition in the area, so when I came across Wanneroo Business Association’s Business in the Spotlight campaign, it was perfect.

Why was event exposure so important to you and your business?

It’s sometimes difficult to get around and speak with everyone who attends business association events. Our Business in the Spotlight campaign allowed us to reach more than 300 attendees to events in a month, meaning we could deliver a more concise message.

business association

 What was your favourite part of the Business in the Spotlight campaign?

I really enjoyed the speed networking Sunriser, great fun to get involved with.

Please share the name of any members you done business with, or have built a business connection or relationship with

Jon Brown from Avenaut Consulting

Kellie Foskett, Wanneroo Business Association’s Member Services Officer

Andrew Miles from RediApps

Laura McLaughlin of Bizwize Business Solutions

 Would you recommend the Business in the Spotlight package?

Yes, I would recommend it to any business that would like an easier way to get their message across to all Wanneroo Business Association members.

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