Business Workshops Educate Local Business Owners

As a member of Wanneroo Business Association, Stephanie Thiel, Owner and Founder of WA Office Express shares how she has benefited from attending free business workshops as part of her membership.

business workshops

WA Office Express supplies everything for the office including core stationery items, furniture, workwear, site and facilities product, print and promotional, and the latest technology.  Specifically targeting SME’s using OfficeWorks, Owner Stephanie Thiel shares how many businesses believe they need to be a bigger business to get the great corporate deals.  WA Office Express offers big business buying power for the small business operator.

“I could not have launched effectively without the assistance of the WBA business workshops” commented Steph.  “Over a period of three months, I learnt about the importance of personal branding, how to build a website for free or a small hosting fee, SEO and Google Analytics, skills to future-proof your business and how to build a strategy around growth.  I attended business workshops which covered scaling after the start-up period, building a business plan and a 90-day strategy, learnt how to be accountable and how to prioritise through the process.”

Steph has made the most of the free business workshops included in her membership and has made the effort to attend as many as possible to soak up the vast experience of the experts presenting.  “I was a sponge for information and found I could apply EVERYTHING I learnt specifically to assist my business.  I was also very touched at how generous the presenters were with totally free information which was invaluable to me from a start-up business perspective,” Steph added.

When asked to share her favourite business workshop, Steph was stuck between two.  “It is difficult to decide between two favourites, so I’m going to mention both!  ‘Formulating the 90-Day Plan’ with Allan Thiel from TLBN (only a coincidence that we share a very rare last name) and ‘How to Future-Proof your Business’ with Lena Barnes.  Allan and Lena are two of the most talented people I have connected with at the WBA, and to this day they will still regularly check in on me at no financial nor personal gain of their own.”

“My business is taking off at a fast rate of knots and I am not sure how many more workshops I can attend during business hours; however, this month I am looking forward to attending ‘Success in Succession’ with Steven Windsor and Renee Sapelli.  These two individuals are great proponents of small business success, and I cannot wait to hear what they have to share.”

“If you are a start-up business or have been in business for a while, I would thoroughly recommend giving Wanneroo Business Association‘s business workshops some of your time.  You will not be disappointed!  I encourage anyone in the City of Wanneroo to participate in the great wealth of knowledge that can be learnt from people just like you and me, who have been in our position and can impart so much wisdom.  You have everything to gain, even if it is ONE nugget of gold.”

When asked what is next for WA Office Express, Steph explained that the website is now live for the start up business, which has now turned over $3.5k in 3 weeks.  The WA Office Express Facebook page now has almost 300 followers and is growing by the day, with the next step to find people to partner with to help build the business and scale further.  This means more jobs for the local economy, more wealth for the local community and a happier life.  We are all in this together!

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