Business Support found within Wanneroo Business Association

Wanneroo Business Association (WBA) provides business owners with the opportunity to connect and establish relationships and is often a place found to offer lots of business support.

Meet three of Wanneroo Business Association members, all women business owners, who connected at WBA events, and have formed a business support network between themselves. business support

Tracy Murray, owner of Spiritual Eyes, Suzi Jackson, owner of Sweethearts Chocolate Bouquets & Gifts and Kelly Grant, Scentsy, have formed a special relationship, actively supporting each other in business.  Offering each other both business and personal support, these like-minded women help each other, and are each other’s biggest cheer leaders.  Suzi described their connection as “surprising yet natural.  We are a great group of women from all different backgrounds, different lifestyles, but one common goal…to be successful.”

When asked what her favourite thing about being a member of Wanneroo Business Association was, Tracy, owner of SpiritualEyes said “I feel part of a family, it’s like a business home.  Meeting other like-minded business people at our network meetings is like going to the local with friends for a catch up. Everyone is extremely helpful, kind, and willing to offer advice and support.”

When reflecting on the friendships she has made with her fellow women in business, Tracy explained that “we share our thoughts and skills, offer advice and direction within each of our small businesses.  Supporting each other as we build our small businesses means the world to me, it makes me feel so happy to see others being successful too. Through my association with the WBA, I’ve had a lot of clients come to see me. They have put their trust in me, I have and will reciprocate by using their services too.”

Kelly explained how she has been able to find people with the same integrity and ethics, resulting in many friendships made within the Wanneroo Business Association community. She added that ‘the genuine wish to help one another was apparent from the very first WBA meeting.  Feeling valued is so important in business and we are like a girl boss family.  We are a sound board for each other, when necessary, to share thoughts and ask for honest advice and feedback.”

Suzi reflected that having a group of like-minded business women, with the same set of ideals and goals encourages and motivates them all to want to make their business the best they can be.  Through the connections made through the WBA, I have a great source of kinship, support, knowledge and of course fun.  “We team up for shopping days where we all meet at a house and have a mini expo to promote our businesses.  We constantly support each other through Facebook and privately.  We utilize each other’s experiences and history to make new plans or fix out of date proceduresWe share ideas about advertising, growing our business, networking and of course friendship!”

About Kelly

Kelly’s family business is Gᵣₐₙₜ Yₒᵤᵣ Wᵢₛₕₑₛ  ~ which comes in 2 parts:

~ A Personal Shopper with over 10 years experience of sourcing gifts for all ages, including staff or client rewards & finishing touches with Home Decor, scents, light and ambience. (SCENTSY STAR DIRECTOR)

~ Kelly is also a Complimentary Business Development Marketing Coach who provides services FREE to local businesses because she loves to help and give. Kelly believes that whatever she learns, passing it on with love is a blessing and an honour!

Kelly’s favourite thing about being a WBA is serendipity, she never expected to find such wonderful friends!  She has been able to find motivation and accountability, friendship, support and honest feedback through the ladies she has met through the Wanneroo Business Association.

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Phone: 0460026616

About Tracy

Tracy’s business is SpiritualEyes, providing exceptional eyewear styling service with prescription glasses, the complete package.

Tracy created SpiritualEyes as she loves making people happy.  With years in the optics industry, she said “nothing can beat the feeling of seeing someone’s face light up as they see themselves in a new pair of glasses that totally change their appearance and love what they see.”  She added that “We take you on a journey to style you into a frame that truly reflects your personality, brings out the beauty in your face shape, compliments your hair colour, eye colour and skin tone to change the way you look and feel about yourself.  We can even help you to design and create your own uniquely individual frame, choosing from 300 different colours and designs.”

Prescription lenses can be customised and measured to suit your individual lifestyle and are then created in a state-of-the-art laboratory here in WA.

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Phone: 08 6117 2661

About Suzi

Sweet Hearts Chocolate Bouquets & Gifts is a family business, based in Alexander Heights.  Their goal is to create stunning chocolate bouquets & gifts, something with the WOW factor that will simply surprise and delight the lucky recipient!  Chocolates and products are both sourced locally, Australia wide and internationally, ensuring stock is of the utmost quality.

All gifts are created by hand, and the team are extremely passionate about the business and making clients happy!  All bouquets and gifts are made with top quality chocolates and are hygienically wrapped and handled minimally during preparation.  They are very artistic and passionate, putting a lot of love, effort and pride into making their products, guaranteed to surprise and delight the most unassuming of recipients! 

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Phone:  0439757777



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