TopDog in Town – Through the Years

Welcome to TopDog in Town, a new concept bar, breathing life into Wanneroo Markets in the heart of Wanneroo. However, they didn’t start here…TopDog in Town

TopDog in Town began in 2012 as a young pup at the Wanneroo Markets, with a grill and gazebo.  The dream began with a few limited gourmet hotdog ideas and plenty of enthusiasm and passion. 

The gourmet hotdog concept became a big hit with the Wanneroo locals and the word started to spread. They soon outgrew their pop-up stall and moved into our first permanent stall.TopDog in TownWith production capacity increased TopDog in Town became the talk of the town and started a cult following with an increase demand for bigger and stranger hotdog creations. TopDog did not disappoint, with the first introduction of their now famous ParmyDog.  Tradies flocked from all corners of Wanneroo to devour their newest creations, but the demands continued to grow for something bigger.

Thus, the MEGADOG challenge was born. A massive 24 inches of your favorite hotdog to devour in the quickest time to be crowned their Megadog Champion and given the honor of naming the behemoth creation. Their first champion was crowned and bestowed the Megadog the official name “Moss Boss Dog”. The challenge quickly spread through Perth, and even around the globe. Word spread to world renowned Professional Eater Randy Santel from the United States, he took up the challenge and devoured their challenge to set the current Megadog Challenge time at 2 min 5 secs.

TopDog In Town

With this increase popularity TopDog in Town outgrew their kennel once more and quickly moved into the main food court. Their Gourmet hotdog range increased to a whopping 15 different types of hotdogs and increased their food range to include several sides and breakfast options.

This was still not enough; their innovation was shown again when TopDog in Town added foods best friend to our menu. BEER!!!

TopDog in Town took over the fully serviced bar, sunny beer garden, entertainment room and even a place for the kiddies to play.

Their beer and drinks selection had been carefully chosen to perfectly complement their amazing array of gourmet hotdogs. Regular live entertainment contributes to a vibrant, welcoming atmosphere.

TopDog in Town still has plenty of growing to reveal over the next couple of months, with an upgraded Liquor Licence in the works to alter their market license to a Tavern license. This upgrade will provide TopDog in Town the opportunity to provide takeaway alcoholic options, and even apply for a TAB.

Better yet, TopDog in Town is expecting! Yes, their first pup offspring is coming in the new year. 

So if it’s a game of pool, a sneaky bet or their famous ParmyDog that gets your tail wagging, TopDog in Town is your new local, take your family, take your friends, or even better, take man’s best friend to Top Dog in Town Wanneroo.

Special TopDog In Town Offer

Mention WBA at TopDog In Town Wanneroo to recieve a free meal upgrade to include free small fries and a can of soda.



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