Networking sparks successful business transaction

Wanneroo Business Association is pleased to announce the change of ownership of Kerem Adventure Camp, following an initial connection made at a networking breakfast.

Kerem Adventure camp

After years of planning, prudent governance and the generous support of partners and community, Cahoots have embarked on their audacious dream of having a fit for purpose campground, this is becoming a reality with the purchase of Kerem Adventure Camp from Funday Camps Pty Ltd in Association with the Funday Investments Pty Ltd. 

WBA is pleased to share that both are member organisations that would otherwise not have crossed paths in a manner that could facilitate this wonderful collaboration!  

Since 2014, Kerem has been owned and operated by Paul Woodcock, CEO of Funday Camps Pty Ltd, having purchased the property from the Camp’s original pioneer, Graham Smit. “We had no idea how much the Camp would grow in just 7 years, and how popular a camping experience it would wind up delivering!

From the facilitation of networking events to hosting meetings at their premises in the City of Wanneroo – The Wanneroo Business Association have been wonderful supporters of our family owned and operated business for a number of years.” – Paul Woodcock

Cahoots are an awarded WA charity that creates inclusive opportunities for people living with a disability as well as others that face exceptional challenges, these opportunities help individuals develop confidence and essential life and social skills to maximise their best future! 

Kerem Adventure Camp will continue to operate as a for-purpose social enterprise, which will allow service growth, and the ability to cater to more young people and their families, in an impactful way. 

Kerryn Lambert, Cahoots’ Business Development, Events and Philanthropy Manager, was first introduced to Paul Woodcock at a Wanneroo Business Association networking event. ‘It has long been our vision and part of our strategic growth plans, to acquire a camping facility that will enable further expansion of our services. This is primarily to cater to more and diverse groups of vulnerable young people and members of our community, who may benefit from our unique learning and experiential growth opportunities,’ commented Kerryn.

Cahoots believe there will be many benefits to the WA community through this transition, and will be working together as opportunity affords, to continue to bring life-changing experiences and positive memories to young West Australians!

To find out more about Kerem Adventure Camp visit and cahoots at




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