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‘Sponsorship packages starting from $250 per year, for more information call or email Manager-Fundraising and Events Duncan Middlemass on 0417 940 095 or duncan@p2srugbyworks.com or interested in Coaching or Mentoring contact our Head of Coaching Bob Dayman on 0407 775 303 or bob@p2srugbyworks.com

P2S RUGBYWORKS is a progressive long-term employability programme to help young people develop life values and promote social inclusion.

The young people excluded from mainstream education often come from disrupted homes and commonly experience a range of severe risk factors; drinking, drugs, mental health issues, domestic violence and family breakdown. Often leaving them with feelings of isolation and desperation.

There is a low expectation of, or accountability for, the future of these young people, consequently we believe there is a need to work with these young people to transform their attitude, behaviour and aspirations.

The long-term nature of the P2S RUGBYWORKS programme makes it the ideal support programme to provide an environment in which our young people can develop and flourish to reach their full potential.

=As part of their corporate responsibility, our partners can further diversify their workforces by looking to develop and engage with this new demographic

Our programme is endorsed by WA Police who see it as a vital tool to promote inclusion and community development.

We currently work with Alta-1 Colleges in Merriwa, Mullaloo, Canning Vale, Joondalup, Mercy College and next term Ballajura Community College we are looking to work closely with schools to help them retain students rather than suspend or expel them from mainstream education.

P2S RUGBYWORKS is looking to broaden the catchment of the programme by focusing on three areas of the community:
1. We want to work with ‘at risk’ young people, who have been identified by schools as having behavioural difficulties and are therefore at risk of being excluded from mainstream education.

2. We want to work with young people that have been marginalized from mainstream education and are currently seeking alternative education opportunities. (this is where Dallaglio RugbyWorks operates in the UK). Alternative care providers such as Alta-1 Colleges have expressed a keen interest in our programme being run to supplement their own curriculum.

3. P2S RUGBYWORKS is keen to work collaboratively with WA Police and Youth Justice Services to deliver our programme to Young People who have fallen

foul of the law and need support to reintegrate into the community on a law abiding basis.


Engagement – minimising the impact of the youngster’s past

Integration – making better decisions in the youngster’s present

Achievement – planning to ensure a long term, successful future for our youngsters

– Sustained Education, Employment or Training

Social Impact measurement areas

Attitude – Positivity and Teamwork

Discipline– Behaviour and Language

Communication – Speaking and Listening (not just talking and hearing)

Autonomy– Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence

Please take a look at the attached programme description and peruse our website at www.p2srugbyworks.com



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