Contribute to State Government’s Plan for Post COVID-19 Recovery

covid19 recovery

Edith Cowan University (ECU) is conducting research to assist the Western Australia’s State government and businesses in planning for COVID-19 recovery by designing and offering capacity building and upskilling of micro, small and medium business recovery and resilience.

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This research is funded by ECU and WA State Government and aims to:

  1.  Identify the impact on WA businesses due to COVID-19;
  2. Examine the disruptions organisations in WA (micro, small and medium enterprises) have experienced in their supply chain over the past six to eight months (due to COVID-19 outbreak);
  3. Determine and resolve top-of-mind concerns for professionals, business owners and managers for COVID-19 recovery over the next five years:
  • How technology is influencing business and the supply chain;
  • The consequences of disruption; and
  • The uptake and effectiveness of measures such as policy levers for business and supply chain disruption.
  1.     Determine the steps to support WA businesses discover organisational resilience
  • To develop a conceptual framework on organisational resilience and business COVID-19 recovery;
  • To determine the critical factors or steps to support WA businesses discover organisational resilience and business COVID-19 recovery;
  • To clarfy the precise steps that would be needed to make the necessary changes to achieve COVID-19 recovery
  • To suggest various continuous improvements for a COVID-19 recovery strategy that could be made to support business continuity POST COVID-19 (new normal environment).

ECU are currently looking for participants to take part in this COVID-19 Recovery research. As the project is aimed at the development of micro, small and medium business resilience and continuity in WA, they are inviting business owners who independently own and operate a business up to 199 staff to take part in the research. If you meet these criteria, they would like to invite you to complete a short survey. Your participation in this research would be appreciated as it helps them cast a light on how businesses and their employees can benefit from streamlined and improved supply chain resilience, organisational agility and business continuity measures. 

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