Business Networking – When The Local Business Network met WBA member Ergoworx – contributed by TLBN

Business networking

Andrew Swart from Ergoworx has an interesting background. He’s lived & worked on three continents and two islands (Africa, Europe, England, Ireland, & Australia). He is a well-travelled man and along the way he’s developed his skills and knowledge to build his successful business.

ErgoWorx opened two years ago and is a true family business with Andrews daughter and son-in-law also a part of the business. It’s a one-stop office shop and the range & service is extensive and can be found at it’s worth the visit.

Ergoworx prides itself on its service, competitive price, customers advise and complementary design service. They look after everyone from businesses to non-for-profit organisations.

Andrews’ also part of Activate-Training, which delivers focused & tailored programs to help Activate the people & sales in a business to another level. It is also worth a visit.

In Andrews spare time Family and dirt bikes (to his family’s dismay) is his passion. He has enough scares and broken bits to know – its almost time to give it up!

Ergoworx is a great family business and is worthy of your support, call them.


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