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Hi, I’m Shaun Lawson, Practice Manager of Wenn Law Barrister’s and Solicitors a Family Law firm in Wanneroo. I have just under 30 years in Banking & Finance experience having worked for NAB for 16 years leaving my role as a Commercial Bank Manager to fill similar roles in Bankwest and Westpac until around 2014 before embarking on a Finance Broker career working for myself. It was only fairly recently that I decided not to renew my mortgage brokers licence, having seen business from every angle, both as a Banker and as a business owner.  My understanding of what makes a business tick and what can go wrong is very high.


As the Practice Manager of a law firm, I fill a number of roles. I do the books, I make sure everything is compliant to the necessary standards of a law firm, which covers many aspects including indemnity insurances, CPD requirements, Practising Certificates, HR, balancing of the trust, general accounts and more. I am also responsible for the BDM work, the networking, the advertising, assisting with the strategic planning, and lastly, I am the point of call for any initial Family Law enquires. I speak, cost free, to anyone so we can gain an understanding of their needs and determine how we can help them best.


My wife Tania and I have been members of the Wanneroo Business Association since the inception of our firm in 2012. Over the last year, my attendance has significantly increased as I was freed from the need to do the school run for my children who are both now adults. I have joined the board in July 2023 to give back to the community and provide my long-term business expertise to what is a wonderful not-for-profit organisation. I believe Wanneroo Business Association has its members and fellow business owners foremost in its thoughts and is always looking at ways to help. I very much look forward to assisting the WBA now and in the future.



I am an AFL and West Coast tragic and very much not enjoying this year. In a former life, I was a 1st/2nd grade WACA cricketer and have some very well know former Australian players on my scalp list. If you want to find an easy way to introduce yourself to me, start with the footy or the cricket or a Monty Python reference.



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