Asset Financial Accounting



Hello, I’m Mike Pilkington, a degree qualified Accountant & Australian CPA.

As a fairly new member of the WBA, I am honoured to serve on Board, as well as on the Finance & Governance sub committees of the Association, adding value through my extensive accounting knowledge & eight years experience at board level with various non for profit entities.

As an advocate for small business representation & networking, I am not only proud to be associated with the WBA, but I actively promote the association through my client base & to other business networks.


After founding Asset Financial Accounting in 2009, I take pride in getting to know my clients & acknowledge that each one is unique & has their own specific requirements – the “one size fits all” approach does not apply in this practice!

Asset Financial Accounting is a boutique accounting firm offering a range of accounting services including bookkeeping, consulting & training, a virtual CFO function & tax services (under licence), all tailored to their clients individual needs.



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