Benefits Of SEO During A Pandemic – Contributed by Perth Digital Edge

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared Coronavirus (COVID-19) a global pandemic. This article will take you through the benefits of SEO during a pandemic.

Many cities in the world implement a 14-day to 12-week lockdown to control the spread of the virus. Businesses and establishments are closed, causing temporary unemployment. People are strictly quarantined in their homes, and the usage of the internet and smartphones are expected to increase as we all use it to kill time and battle with boredom. At this point, most people look for services that provide food and shopping deliveries, entertainment, news updates, health products and online courses.

Digital entrepreneurs see the situation as a golden opportunity to take the business to a higher level. Optimising the business for SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the way to get noticed. It drives massive traffic to a website or e-commerce store and gets a guaranteed rank in the SERP. (Search Engine Result Page)


5 Benefits of SEO during a Pandemic

SEO is a process that involves optimising a business for organic keywords and natural search results. It virtually examines the technicalities and analytics of the business to drive traffic and gain higher online visibility.

Let’s take a look at five advantages of SEO strategies during a pandemic:

#1 SEO can promote your business

Despite the pandemic threat, SEO strategists see the situation as a significant opportunity to grow their business. SEO is a convenient strategy every entrepreneur should learn to utilise. In these trying times, loss of income is expected due to business operations being halted and without definite resumption. However, this is not the case with digital marketing because promoting the business never stops despite the pandemic threat.SEO provides opportunity of promoting a business in the comfort of your home. It gives full access to most updated tools that can bring the business to the top. There is no need to leave the house because all the knowledge and strategies needed are provided through online conversations.

#2 SEO provides the most updated strategy

The right SEO strategy can bring more sales to a business. It can optimise listings and gives the opportunity of advertising to a wider audience. Most businesses worldwide are probably struggling due to operations being stopped. With SEO, there is a way out! The internet serves as a good companion in times of boredom and for acquiring basic necessities such as food and shopping delivery. SEO allows optimising services that are highly needed during the pandemic which has high demands at the moment. The demand for necessities and entertainment at the moment is increasing. As a digital marketer that reinforces SEO in business, it is a perfect opportunity to skyrocket sales and promote products and services.

#3 SEO allows advertising to a bigger audience

The Coronavirus pandemic is affecting the entire world. Most businesses, except the skeletal workforce, arranged work from home schemes for their employees. More people spend time online for work, which also gives them the freedom to browse services at any time. SEO brings the business right before the eye of the consumer.

#4 SEO is a long-term strategy.

SEO is for the long-term. The techniques and strategies that are used at the moment can still work after months or years. Although the Google algorithm system is regularly changing, the central premise of SEO still stands. A little alteration or change could be reinforced to improve the strategy. SEO focus on Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthy which are applicable in all situations. Moreover, it becomes more relatable during these trying times as we all want to seek the most accurate information to help cope with everyday life situations.

#5 SEO is crucial in covering the Coronavirus pandemic.

News SEO is crucial in journalism as it allows news publishers to optimise for Google News. SEO services are currently needed to help journalists and news publishers reach a worldwide audience. New York Times, CNN and BBC News are amongst the few news publishers that used news SEO to optimise their news. SEO can also be complemented with other news optimisation tool such as NewzDash to optimise the latest updates on the Coronavirus pandemic. No one knows when this global crisis will end, and people are continually searching for news updates every day. SEO is indeed at its high demand and needed for people to be abreast and aware of their surroundings.

Here are some practical SEO tips to optimise business in times of Coronavirus pandemic:
  • Focus on keywords

Keywords play a crucial role in optimising content, as it drives more traffic to a website or webpage. Use the keyword research tool for finding the most searched keyword in the net. Competition is very close; however, it takes the right strategy to get ahead. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy that applies with paid search marketing. A small keyword investment is worth it, as it drives traffic to product listing and services offered in a website. Healthcare products, food deliveries and entertainment niches are considered as in demand services at the moment.

  • Know the audience

Get to know the target audience. Decide on which type of audience to focus on. Narrowing down presents better opportunities, because there is no need to compete with big brands.

  • Create interesting content

Good content allows the user to spend more time on a website. Good content is likely to be shared on social media, which makes the business more popular. Google also recognises high-quality content by giving the site a higher Page Authority.

  • Leverage SEO tools and strategies

There are different SEO tools strategies that are tailored to the present situation. These include keyword research tools, copywriting and technical SEO which can boost business performance in the long run.

  • Be updated

Look out for the most updated SEO trend during the pandemic. Google regularly change their algorithm system. Do not miss out on anything to keep the business going despite the pandemic threat.



The Coronavirus outbreak is one of the scariest events that had occurred in history. It has affected everyone’s livelihood due to a sudden change in working practices.

The SEO world seems to be surviving. Businesses continue to look at different ways to service the masses, in a way that can be done online.

It only means that SEO is needed to get a business noticed and to reach out to people. SEO is thriving despite the pandemic threat because of the increased online exposure.

People are too desperate to entertain themselves while waiting for the outbreak to end. The internet is the only way to kill time and connect with families and friends all over the world.

SEO also plays a crucial role in battling the virus because of its capability to rank the most reliable news in SERP for the masses to see the real news. People need to be aware of how they can help combat the virus in a little way.

Will SEO continue to flourish after this pandemic?


It is a long-term strategy that continues to improve as time goes by. However, it should be maintained and updated regularly for the best results.

Do not waste this opportunity! Get your business to optimise for SEO now!

Thank you for reading the benefits Of SEO During A Pandemic – Contributed by Perth Digital Edge

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