An Introduction to Reflexology with Feel Good Therapies
What is reflexology

Reflexology is the study of the feet, hands and ears, which are considered to reflect or mirror the body.  Specific micro-massage techniques are applied to the points to help assist the body’s return to balance.

Is Reflexology beneficial for Plantar Fasciitis

Reflexology can help in reducing the pain with plantar fasciitis, however it does depend on how long the person has experienced their symptoms.  If it is chronic (occurred for over 3 months) it will take time and it may be best to have podiatry and reflexology concurrently to enable a quicker recovery.

Is Reflexology painful

Reflexology practised in Western society should not be painful – it is not the philosophy of no pain, no gain!  If you do experience a painful treatment it is best you ask your practitioner for a lighter pressure. Sometimes a reflexologist may  find an area / reflex which is painful, to which they will be able to tell you the area of the body this could correspond to,  although it could also be due to the mechanics of the feet  such as unsupportive  footwear or even lack of footwear.

Will Reflexology help with back pain?

Most people have experienced some pain in their back at some point in their life. Reflexology is so beneficial for back pain. The spine area is located from the big toe to the heel area long the bony structure of the foot. A trained reflexologist will pick up congestion in the form of crystal deposits. Working this area will usually give some relief from pain.

Can you have Reflexology when pregnant?

Most reflexologists prefer not to treat until a woman is in their 2nd Trimester (12 weeks onwards) in case of any medical issues. Reflexology can be very beneficial especially in the third trimester (28 weeks +). Women who have weekly reflexology especially in the last 6 weeks generally have a more natural labour and calmer babies.

Can you only have reflexology on the feet?

Reflexology can be performed on the feet, face, ears and hands.   Foot Reflexology is the most common form. Facial reflexology is a lighter pressure but again deeply relaxing. People in care homes or who have had an injury to the feet or only want a short session may prefer hand reflexology

Can Reflexology help with stress?

Reflexology can help you feel more balanced it you are experiencing issues with stress and anxiety.  Many people feel a deep sense of relaxation after a treatment.  However, if you are on medication you should see you GP if you are feeling better after having regular reflexology before changing any medication.

How often should I have Reflexology?

To see some change either physically or emotionally it is recommended to have reflexology weekly for 4 to 6 weeks. Following this you may wish to go to fortnightly or monthly sessions as a preventative and balancing maintenance option.

Can I practice Reflexology on my own feet?

Whilst it is possible to practice some techniques on your own feet especially if you have a sore neck or shoulder, there is nothing more relaxing to have an hour’s reflexology session by a trained reflexologist.

Where can I book a session? 

Karen is available in Duncraig and  you can book online or give her a call

If this is not convenient she can recommend a training professional reflexologist in your area at

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